Custom Automation Solutions

Triton prides itself on delivering high quality automation that works for you. We have robots performing functions in the forgings, plastic, automotive and consumer goods industries. Our adept team of engineers have integrated systems for high heat material handling applications, laser marking, pick on the fly bagging, palletizing, IMM press tending, value add assembly and more.

Additionally, our non-robotic solutions include check fixtures, clip driving fixtures, sonic weld fixtures and a host of other machinery to ensure you delivery quality products on time.

Turnkey Automation

Triton Automation Group specializes in solving your production challenges by providing you with a customized and flexible turnkey solution.

PLC Programming, Robot Programming and Vision Specialties

Triton’s team of PLC software developers and robot programmers are here to provide programming solutions or augment your in-house capabilities. We offer programmers experienced in Allen-Bradley PLC's and robot technicians with advanced FANUC programming capabilities. Our team can get your down system back up and running quickly!

Triton also retains a skilled team of vision engineers and technicians with experience in FANUC 2D and 3D vision applications, FANUC Line Tracking, and a host of other competencies in Keyence, Cognex and Dalsa vision applications. Our team augments many of these products with custom vision software to allow more capability and flexibility for your process.

Triton offers extended service arrangements with discounted rates to help you complete your project on time and under budget, contact us today to see how our team can help you.

Robot Repair and Maintenance

Robots are machines, and just like your car, they need regular maintenance. Triton offer’s full preventative maintenance and refurbishment services at competitive per-robot rates. Each robot service gets the same treatment as any project, with a program manager assigned to work with you and your team and ensure an on-time delivery and return to service. Our FANUC trained technicians can provide preventative maintenance services in your plant, or we can bring your robots to our plant and provide full refurbishment.

Fixture Design and Fabrication

Triton Automation Group’s Engineers and fabricators provide quality industrial fixtures for use in myriad projects. Whether it’s for an operator or a robot, our fixtures will ensure your capabilities to deliver a quality product to your customer.

Mechanical and Electrical Design

Triton’s offers full electrical and mechanical design services through our in-house engineering team and strategic partnerships. Whether you need a turnkey system, fixture, or augmentation of your in-house capabilities, Triton’s Automation Group can provide for all of your mechanical and electrical design needs.

Program Management and Process Consulting

Triton’s Project Engineers, Program Managers and Internal Operations team bring years of experience to your project and work with you from quote to commissioning and beyond. Our collaborative effort focus to projects mean that there is always more than a single set of eyes managing design, procurement, assembly and programming. Our team strives to understand your needs from day one, ensuring that the scope of work is accurate and customized to your application.

Still defining your process? Or perhaps you're bringing a new product to market and wish to automate the manufacturing process. Triton's consulting services can help you define how you are going to do it in a cost effect manner.